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Live with Colby Rebel

Special Investigation with Colby Rebel and Co-Host Jennifer Shaffer with celebrity psychic medium AJ Barrera

Oct 26, 2017

Tonight is our Special Investigation Episode with Colby Rebel and Co-Host Jennifer Shaffer in studio with celebrity psychic medium AJ Barrera. They will talk about forensic investigation for cold cases, missing cases and unsolved mysteries and the new technology being designed to help law enforcement. If you have...

Oct 17, 2017

Join me tonight for a Special Episode of #LivewithColbyRebel. Tonight I have acclaimed British medium Chris Drew in studio with International Mediums Susan Schueler and Lorri Walker. This POWER of THREE will talk about discovering your gifts and the essence of staying in your power.

Oct 13, 2017

Colby is super excited to have friend and motivational guru Brandon Beachum  on air with me! Brandon is the founder of the Itunes top #10 podcast PositiveHeads. We will discuss the energy we put out, how we can manifest more and take YOUR calls on air! 323-992-3115 Watch is LIVE right here 

Oct 5, 2017

TONIGHT is the Premiere episode of Vino & Voices featuring Jennifer Shaffer! Join us as we kick back, relax and talk to YOUR loved ones in spirit! We go LIVE at FIVE (pm pst). Call us at 323-992-3115 *Callers chosen...